• Vision Statement

    All of Texas will be taken for Jesus.

  • Mission Statement

    We will cover all 254 counties in Texas with prayers for repentance, petitions for revival and rejoicing for salvation.
  • Value Statement

    1. We ask for, and come into agreement with, God's will for Texas.
    2. We believe that God hears our petitions and has already set the answers into motion. 
    3. We pray tenaciously and persistently until God's will is accomplished. 
  • Strategic Planning

    1. We will visit every courthouse in all 254 counties in Texas. We will pray, petition and make declarations as the Lord leads us in governmental authority. 
    2. We will pray for divine encounters, strategic alignments and specific assignments in each county. 
    3. We will pray for opportunities to preach repentance and expect an awakening of God's people and salvation for the lost.